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Pursuit of Sustainability
Renewable Energy

GL Link (Europe) B.V. is a distributor of a full range of high quality solar products from PV modules, inverters to mounting materials for all applications, including the BIPV. It is established in 2015 and the headquarter is in Breukelen.

GL Link (Europe) B.V. is an official and exclusive representative of MUNCHEN Solar in the Netherlands. We are passionate about the sustainable development, and the renovation of renewable technologies.

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N-Type will lead the future!

More efficiency with 30 years warranty

+ Extreme Temperature coefficient
+ Great weak light performance
+ Extremely high bifaciality
+ Longer high performance warranty
+ More efficiency

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HJT technology provides highly innovated solar panels

GL Link (Europe) B.V. is an official and exclusive representative of Munchen Energieprodukte GmbH in the Netherlands.

MWT technology provides promising concept of back contact and high efficiency solar cells

GL Link (Europe) B.V. is the golden partner from First Choice Solar which provides top quality solar panels and it is Engineered in Holland.

Low carbon footprint

We have gained lots of knowledge and experience on the solar sector in the past many years in the renewable business. We supply a whole range of high quality and high performance solar products, and provide our clients with excellent services. Sustainability is our responsibility, and working for sustainability is our key issue.
  • Reliable Resources

    Our reliable relationship with factory make sure for high quality products

  • Excellence Service

    We offer our clients excellent and effective service

  • Timely Delivery

    We offer fast and reliable delivery within in Europe

Solar Modules

Produce electricity even on cloudy days, usually around 10%-20%.

Low Maintenance

This is because there are no moving parts in the solar system.


We have developed 1000+ projects across country and continents


We provide our clients one stop service by installing top quality solar system and excellent full range of service


We provide our clients tailor-made solar system for the high end market


We provide our clients one stop installation and service for the medium and large-scale commercial solar system projects

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